Parlainth or Bust

March 25, 2017 Game Session

BNB delivers the scroll case (from Mr Black) to Vaare in Syrtis. Vaare inquires as to how the party got acquainted with Mr Black, and they give him the Cliff Note’s (and blame Chumanna for most of it). Mike buys two Espagra cloaks, leaving one cloak and Espagra scale armor behind to be enhanced as much as possible (cloak will take 12 days, armor will take 77 days). The party enlists the help of two Circle 8 Weaponsmiths to work on the armor.

They decide the best route to Parlainth is boat to Tansiarda, then another boat to the end of the Serpent River, where they walk the rest of the way.

During the first night of the walking portion of the trip, they are surprised by a group of orcs who have very good plans, but they’re not even close to a match for the party. All but two are killed rather quickly. The two that surrendered (let’s call them Kirault and Kirker) are in awe of the party. They asks to join (well, at least “can you take us to Haven without killing us please?”). There is also a battle with espagra, but it’s really not worth mentioning much.

Money count – party currently has 1376 silver pieces, and a large collection of gems that are worth over 47,000 silver pieces.


MarkOliver MarkOliver

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