No Soup for Tom

April 29, 2017 Game Session

BNB arrives at Haven, sell of a whole bunch of Espagra scales, keeping enough to be used in cloaks for Kirault and Kirker (and to pay for the cloaks). The group has no opinion if K and K let the town know of their generousity (hey – any PR is good PR).

They head to the Delver’s HQ to talk with Barclay (male dwarf) where Tom and Kevin gleefully join the Delvers (and there was much rejoicing). They begin their research of The Twins – Barclay believes he knows where information might be stored, asks Sabrina to go with him, regroup in about two hours. In the meantime, party goes to Vardeghul’s store. Tom asks the lackey behind the counter specific questions about specific “they who shall not be named” beings, and the lackey sheepishly runs to get Vardeghul. Waiting for the T’Skrang, Tom casts a detection spell in the store, and all sorts of klaxon alarms go off. Vardeghul storms in and demands “WHO CAST A SPELL IN MY STORE???” – the party throws Tom under the bus, and he is ejected from the store! The rest of the party manages to placate Vardeghul and begs (aka pays her off {-5000 silver}) to get information about The Twins. (Meanwhile, Tom casts a “window” spell from outside so he can at least see what is going on.) They leave, go get lunch, and go back to the Delvers.

Barclay has some news – he and Sabrina have found that the party will want to find the Book of Merrox – it has some power over Horrors in general, but legend has it that there is a particular spell in the Book that is extremely powerful when cast at the Twins.

Now heading to Torgak’s to try to find magic items, but none are there that suit the party’s needs right now. Spread word around Haven that BNB is looking for adventurers (at least Circle 6, “heavily combat oriented”) and that applications will be accepted for a few days.

Back to Vardeghul’s (Tom volunteers to stay outside), she has found that the party should try to find the Book of Merrox, and that it’s last known location was in the War Zone.


MarkOliver MarkOliver

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