Fishing in Astral Space

August 27, 2016 Game Session

Mike (aka Glondorf) considers talking to Betsey to ask Mr. Black about “transferring” a Horror Mark from Chumanna to himself. She agrees, and a conversation begins. Mr. Black has never heard of this feat, and thinks that if Mike can pull this off, the Party will not only become Legendary (for doing something that has never been done before), but also make the Party “prime enemy number one” to ALL Horrors.

Mr. Black says that if you can do this, I might want to hire your services – if you survive, of course.

Mr. Black also suggests that the area around the end of the Servos River is mostly uninhabited, so that wouldn’t be a bad place to try your experiment. He wishes the party luck (“you’re going to need it!”) and they fly away.

Landing at 8am, they setup for the ritual, which will take eight hours.

During Hour Five, Kevin’s falcon sees a group of four adolescent ogres about 200 yards away. Kevin asks Chumanna to roar loudly in that direction, hoping to scare the crap out of the ogres and prevent a fight. Chumanna agrees, and as the party collectively covers their ears, lets out a blasting roar. The ogres peek out of a set of trees, see Chumanna, and RUN AWAY screaming!

During Hour Six, Maria decides to look at Astral Space. She sees vibrations – sort of like looking at a pond which is now starting to get small waves. After Hour Seven, the waves are much more choppy (to the point where anyone in a ten foot boat or smaller would have difficulty staying in the boat).

At Hour Eight, the ritual concludes (with the party casting a whole bunch of defensive spells in preparation, just in case). The result of the ritual is such that Aktul becomes aware of the attempt to break the mark, and she attempts to use the ritual to mark Glondorf. She rolls a 26, and Mike fends off the mark with a 33!

The rippling of Astral Space now starts to be seen coming into Normal Space – followed by a collection of six elemental-type forms, surrounding the party from about 10 yards away. The resulting fight is a difficult one (Kevin knocked unconscious, Maria actually takes damage!), with Chumanna’s lightning breath saving the day!


MarkOliver MarkOliver

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