Déjà vu all over again

May 26, 2017 Game Session

The plan for tomorrow is to reconnoiter down the Laneway towards the Screaming Fountain, then scale the wall near the edge of the Twists (as far away as possible from Fountain), then down next lane to the War Zone. About 65 yards in, a pressure plate is found and Betsey disarms it. Another plate is found 250 yard in, Betsey again disarms it. Now a quarter mile in, four more plates across the way – three more successes from Betsey and the group simply avoids the last one. Now a half mile in, eight plates are found – Betsey disarms one, but Kevin sets off another, five bone shamblers come over the wall to attack, they are dispatched easily in three rounds.

Now an hour in (fountain still three-quarters of a mile away), four steel statues are visible about 50 yards away. Sabrina flies toward them, Mike follows with a huge sigh. The statues move and surprise Sabrina, knocking her unconscious with one blow! Maria gets off a Razor Orb, totally eviscerating a statue in one shot (78 damage!). Three rounds after that, the statues are now scrap. They find the section of the wall they are looking for, and hop over into the Twists. Fifteen minutes later, they enter the War Zone.


MarkOliver MarkOliver

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