Which came first – the dragon or the egg?

August 30 Game Session

The party spends two weeks training and is very happy for the rest and the LP. A courier arrives from Syrtis with complete ‘recipe’ on how to destroy a Horror Mark. It ain’t easy, it ain’t pretty, and it hurts (both the caster and the recipient) – but if it works, hooray!!! Ki-Li also confirms that nothing happened in town (this time).

“Bob” struts through the town making a lot of noise. He will be as brazen as before, but this time he’s all by himself. He appears to just want to talk the party, but they are confused about what he wants to talk about.

(Sabrina rolls a 26 for a First Impression test, and Bob asks her to join his side!).
(Maria rolls a 33 for an Astral Sight test on Bob – he is a warrior/wizard mix, and he has a white X in a black circle, but this Mark is much much clearer than Chumanna, almost as if he willingly accepted it).

Bob indicates that he knows where Chumanna’s “precious item” is being held, and Mike suggests that maybe an exchange of information would be beneficial for both sides. In return, Bob says he’d like to know everything about his supposed twin “Babs”. The party agrees, but also explains that it will probably take some time to get this information. Bob agrees and walks away, heading out of town. Sabrina follows him (up high in the air).

Kevin sends a text message to Chumanna, who immediately wants to know where Bob is. Party begins walking toward main north gate (Sabrina still following, Bob is just walking to the gate now). As Bob gets through the gate and continues walking on the main road, the party can see Chumanna flying at top speed – and the townspeople begin to panic because they think she’s going to attack! Chaos ensues and it’s difficult to travel in the city, but the party gets to the main gate shortly after Chumanna has flown by – and then Sabrina texts “he’s gone!”.

The party meets with Chumanna outside of the gate (to the surprise and relief of all the townspeople). Lots of people try Astral Sight, but there is nothing to see – until Maria rolls another 33 – she sees a light about the size of a half dollar which is shrinking in size and becoming dimmer, eventually going completely away after 60 to 75 seconds. Well as long as Chumanna is here, the party might as well start asking the tough questions…

Party: “What is the precious item of yours?” (Mike rolls an 11 charisma test!)
Chu: “They have my egg. It has about six more weeks before it will begin to hatch.”
Party: “Do you know who took it?”
Chu: “I don’t know who’s guarding it, but I have a good idea where it is. I’m going to need your help, as the area it is in is warded against dragons and much too small for me to enter anyway.”
Party: “What happens if it hatches?”
Chu: “It will begin to bond with the creature that raises it. A hatchling dragon being raised by a Horror is not something anyone wants to have happen (except for the Horror). You’ll need to go to the Tylon Mountains. I will guide you as best as I can. The egg is about 18 inches in diameter and could weigh up to 90 pounds.”
Party: “We’ll make a sling with rings. When we get it outside the mountains, we can signal you and you can fly by and simply pick it up and get out of Dodge fast.”
Chu: “It should take you about three days walking to get to the entrance.”

And so they begin walking. The first day passes uneventfully. The second day is fine, but at night Maria and Mike hear talking in an unknown language. Maria wakes up Betsey who uses her language skills to recognize that a group of Orcs are out looking for food. There is a short debate about whether to attack or ignore the orcs which is quickly rendered moot when they start charging.


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