The Heart of a Lion

August 27, 2017 Game Session

The party continues exploring the building, finding a closing corridor leading to a green tinted door (fairly close), a red tinted door (farther away), and a blue arch leading to a pristine room (no dust or debris, tapestries on the walls). Betsey doesn’t believe what she is seeing, so she tries to determine if there are any illusions (rolls 14, convinced there are no illusions). She tosses a small pebble into the room, and it goes in with no other effect.

Mike approaches the green door and sees a sign on it which he cannot read (and he detects a faint astral glow around the door). Sabrina uses Read / Write Language (rolls 20) and can now read “Archaic Undead Script”. The sign says “Waste Keep Closed”. Tom examines the tapestries in the clean room; they depict battle scenes in great glory detail.

Mike decides to open the green door, and is BLOWN backward into the opposite wall (32 points damage) as the collection of methane releases from the chasm on the other side of the door. Betsey closes the door and writes DON’T OPEN in as many languages she knows. Tom flitters in the blue room and examines the blue door from a distance; he doesn’t see anything on it, and notices that the hinges are on the inside. The red door is exactly the same. In the room, Tom notices a large blue archway which has two circular (six inch) darker blue circles midway up each side. Checking out the tapestries, there is nothing underneath them. {Meanwhile, Kevin starts sealing the green door with his own ear wax. I had nothing to do with this in any way.}

Tom casts Shield Mist on himself, and attempts to open the blue door, but it’s locked from the inside. Betsey enters the room and checks out the door. There are no traps on it, but it has a complicated lock system that is designed to keep whatever is on the other side out of this room. A quick check of the red door shows exactly the same system. Betsey gets the blue door unlocked, slowly opens it just a crack, and peeks through. She sees outside (into the War Zone), and closes the door back up and relocks it. Betsey examines the blue buttons on the arch and comes to the conclusion that they are pressure plates. Betsey and Tom go to the buttons, tie a rope around each other (leading out of the room to Mike), and on the count of three they press the buttons.


Everyone rushes into the room and begin expecting the worst ………. and they get teleported to another small pristine room with another arch. Leaving the room, they enter a maze of twisty passages with a nine foot ceiling. Mike activates a gas trap, but luckily it doesn’t affect anyone. A few minutes later (with Kevin in the lead), he thinks he sees movement on the wall; a human ‘shadow’ about five feet tall. He moves forward to get a closer look, and it comes out of the wall and attacks!

Round 1: Betsey falls down. Maria comes out with guns blazing, casting Razor Orb for 42.
Round 2: Black uses a Terror talent and ‘stuns’ Mike, Maria and Kevin (Betsey for about 2 seconds). Tom BLASTS it for 50 using Astral Sphere. Sabrina does what she does best – fires a hot arrow and destroys Black.
Round 3: Yellow uses Terror but doesn’t get Sabrina and Tom.
Round 4: Sabrina hits Yellow with a Bank Shot. Yellow tries to hit Tom, but Shield Mist works nicely.
Round 5: Yellow slices Tom and knocks him down. Maria breaks free of the Terror, Tom hits with Astral Sphere.
Round 6: Yellow swings at Tom, who is able to dodge away, but knocks himself out due to strain. Yellow decides the battle is not going well and leaves the combat.

After combat is over, Mike then realizes that he has the Lion Heart talent, which would have given him a much better chance to avoid the Terror. OOPS. :) :) :)


MarkOliver MarkOliver

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