Say Hello (and Goodbye) to Bob

May 23, 2015 Game Session

After a brief discussion about what to do next, the party decides that they have found everything there is to find on this level, and they should proceed down into the darkness. Meat Shield Mike (I’m starting to like that name more and more) goes first, hoping that his heat sight vision will help him find things. It doesn’t. There’s nothing to find – just darkness.

Until ….. he takes one step too many ….

… and then the area lights up. They find themselves in a big chamber where the stone walls have been colored crimson, and the walls and floor are almost like glass. It looks like there has been some serious heat applied here, and quite often. They also see a collection of nine statues which are at the beginning of nine short and narrow areas.

And then there’s Bob. That’s not his real name of course, but that’s what the party calls him.

“Hi gang. I’ve been following / waiting for you. I’m ready to fight now, and I hope you are too.”

Being very happy to finally have a chance to take this guy down, the party willingly agrees to battle – until the 4 beasts jump out from behind the statues and start wailing on people. Bob stays far away and casts some spells (even causing a Wound to Maria!). And the beasts have Mirror Image! Mike gets knocked unconcious, but is dragged to safety by Taylor (who is almost down herself). After taking care of the last beast, the party concentrates on Bob. A few more rounds later, Bob is pretty dead.

A short rest later (and some much needed Heated Food), Mike heads towards the large set of doors in the ‘back’ of the chamber. He pulls out the set of keys that they found upstairs, and tries the last key – and it works! Behind the doors is a box – about 2 foot cube. Maria tries to use Astral Sight on the box and is temporarily blinded. Kevin (being the least hurt member of the party) decides to open the box – and inside is a dragon egg. Hurray!

They drag the box out of the kaer and try another message to Chumanna. This one actually works (yes, all the messages that were tried from inside the kaer were blocked), and she arrives minutes later in a state of mild euphoria. She promises to take the egg to her hiding spot and revisit the party in 6 to 8 weeks (at which point she believes she will be a mother).

The party returns to Ishkarat for much deserved rest and spending of Legend Points. :)


MarkOliver MarkOliver

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