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July 25 2015 Game Session

After defeating Bob, the party drags his sorry butt to Ishkarat to have Lurza (the Nethermancer) use Experience Death – just to see if she could get any good information. She suggests that he was effectively a Construct – he had no blemishes on the Horror Marks in his pattern, and it appeared that he willingly gave himself up to the Horror.

They decide to head towards the Great Library of Throal, but they pickup a new party member – a windling named Auri. She seems nice enough, but there is definitely something ‘different’ about her….

After four days on a boat, they reach the western edge of the Throal Mountains. They decide to disembark and take the road less travelled. They are ambushed by flying creatures that Auri calls “shadowmants”. If not for Sabrina’s new found talent that healed poison, that battle could have been much worse.

They arrive at The Library and begin looking for information:

Party> Want to look for information about The Twins.

RESULTS> You enlist the help of two Librarians (Ahemy and Scattill) who have together spent 10 years in the Library helping people find and and all info on Horrors. They are the local experts and they’ve never heard or read about a pair of Horrors working together, never mind “related”.

It takes three days and many dead-ends, but Ahemy finally finds something useful. A written record from during The Scourge (which is very rare indeed) from a dwarf named Loran Redstone:

“I don’t know if this document will survive me, but I think it is worth the time and danger to put pen to paper. I believe I have discovered something that no one else has. I have been under ‘attack’ for about 10 days and I’m convinced that the attack is coming from two different sources – nay – two different EVIL sources. It is as if I am being torn apart from the inside. I can hear laughter from two different voices. I can hear language being spoken in two different tones (although I do not know the language). I feel a wave of pain in my head, and then a gentle breeze washes it away.”

“I have tried to focus on something tangible to write down, but all I see in my head are divided circles bouncing against one another. If I concentrate very very hard, I can somewhat get the circles to arrange themselves into letters – they form half-words “ahk” and “may” – and then they tumble away into meaningless. "

“I can only surmise that these two syllables might be part of the True Names of these creatures. No – I think I’m too close! Nooooooooooooooo!”

MORE RESULTS> General information shows that knowing the True Name of a Horror gives you a significant advantage in a fight. Sometimes that helps to dampen the Horror’s powers, other times it forces the Horror into fighting another battle to keep It from being pulled into Otherspace, and others it simply weakens the Horror mentally.

Party> information regarding Kaar Volok – if it ever opened, or if it was destroyed, and any clues to where it really might have been located.

RESULTS> There are many references to Kaer Volok. Each and every one of them indicate that the Kaer was located outside of Ishkarat. Whatever these people did, they did and excellent job of hiding their true location (even better than Parlainth). Maybe the size of the Kaer helped (documents indicate there only were a thousand or so inside).

Maria> Would like to find out more about being a Horror Scholar. Plus looking for someone to learn new spells from :).

RESULTS> Ahemy and Scattill would be happy to train you to become a Horror Scholar! They don’t get a lot of volunteers for this discipline (gee, I wonder why) and every time they try to convince the Head Librarian to ‘advertise’, their request is met with a stare that could melt stone.

Additional information:
*>Ishkarat has been established for about 800 years. It pre-dates The Scourge. There are many records about what the city was like before – food and water were plentiful, the city was peaceful (but somewhat isolated from other cities, as air travel had not yet been developed), and most of the inhabitants were elves. There are some stories that a great migration of elves headed towards The Blood Wood out of a ‘religious movement’, but it was a peaceful event and those who left or stayed did so willingly and without coercion. When The Scourge was imminent, most people left the town and went into separate Kaers. There is no known Kaer that was within 4 days travel – except for the one that you found.

*>Research confirms that the “half-words” might not be words, but syllables. The most likely answer (and the scariest) is that those syllables are part of the Horrors True Names. Generally speaking, if you ever find out a Horror’s True Name, you had better kill it quickly. Chances are you won’t live long enough to do anything with that knowledge – and that is VERY powerful knowledge to have.

*>The Therans have been (at least of recent) very happy to stay away from Throal and the cities of the North. This party has not had any encounters with Thera in the past.

*>The party has been to Parlainth before – to defeat their first Horror. They really didn’t do much research there, as there isn’t much to do. However, it might become a VERY lucrative place to setup shop for a Horror Scholar (when retirement comes along). :)

*>Current suggestion for Party Name: “The Hunters of Catastrophe”


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