No Fury like a Construct Scorned

Jan 2 2016 Game Session

KiLi arrives on the scene and looks at the dragon. She confirms that its pattern is completely messed up. A Message is sent to Vaare asking for help in any way (beastmasters, Throal Library, Chumana (who is still unresponsive), dragon experts, whatever he can find). KiLi suggests that they should bring the dragon to a holding cell for now.

KiLi is convinced that what can be seen of the Baby Dragon’s pattern indicates that it is some combination of dragon and horror. If it continues to grow, it is more likely that it will become a Horror than it will a Dragon.

Vaare finally responds to Messages:
Vaare: Have you talked to Chumana?
Party: We have tried, no response.
Vaare: I just got a message – she’s despondent.
Party: Do you have any suggestions?
Vaare: Try another message.

Party sends Message to Chumana stating that they have the baby. Chumana finally responds and asks to meet the group east of Ishkarat (at their somewhat standard meeting place) in about an hour. Tom is able to summon a spirit which will “hold” the baby for the transport (it takes three tries, but the spirit agrees and will stay around for 11 hours!).

Maria Messages Throal Librarians asking them if they have heard of the baby dragon’s scenario before – they will investigate and get back to her when they find anything.

The party arrives at the meeting spot in about 45 minutes, and they only have to wait another 10 or so before Chumana arrives.

Mike: Congratulations – you are the mother of a bouncing baby WTF.
Chumana (puff of disgusted air out of nose): I know.
Betsey: If you knew, how did the baby get here?
Chumana: In my inital reactions and shock, I let my guard down and the baby got away.
Tom: Can you fix the baby?

And then – from out of nowhere – comes a voice that the party has learned to despise – it’s Babette, who has materialized behind Chumana (out of sight of the party).

Babette: There’s nothing to fix – the baby is fine!

Chumana immediately turns and breathes fire at Babette. She is completely engulfed in flames, yet appears completely undamaged seconds later. Tom begins weaving to (what will now be called) Circle of Protection White around the party to prevent Babette and Chumana from entering (he eventually finishes and gets a 29 for the Circle). Mike and Kevin start looking at each other making small silent gestures, and quietly and slowly move to surround the baby.

Babette: Chumana, can I have the baby now?
Cumana: (stuttering, desperate and defensive) You know that the contract is void!
Babette: It’s now or else.

Initiative is rolled. :)

Round 1

Chumana attempts to grab Babette with both front claws, only the left one succeeds, but still does some slight damage.
Tom tells the spirit “we’re going to kill the baby – please change color so we don’t hit you by mistake” (and it does).
Betsey casts Dampen Karma on Babette and succeeds!
Kevin takes the first swipe at the baby and hits.
Maria casts Combat Fury on Mike (of course).
Sabrina hit Babette with an arrow. Babette returns the favor, hitting Sabrina with Icy Mace and Chain, pulling her down to the ground. Babette also Sticks Chumana to the ground.
Mike also swings and hits the baby. Both Chumana and Babette scream “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING????”

Round 2

Babette runs around Chumana and attempts to break the Circle. She fails miserably, so in her fury she casts Fireball at the entire party (and it hurts!).
Taylor hits the baby, then Kevin does – and Kevin follows up with a momentum attack – its head rolls away from its body!
Chumana sees this, breaks free of the hold, and flies straight into the Circle, hoping to take it down – it dims significantly but manages to hold (“shields now at 15% Captain!”).
Maria reattunes.
Mike attempts Creature Analysis against Babette, but fails.
Sabrina fires another arrow and hits Babette.
Betsey gives Tom (currently unconscious from the Fireball) a healing potion.

Round 3

Tom casts Astral Sphere at Babette (rolled a 28) and hits!
Sabrina tries another arrow, but this one misses.
Babette notices the baby’s head on the ground, taps the Circle (to make sure it’s still there) and then focuses all of her attention at Chumana:
“This is all YOUR fault! If you had done what you were supposed to do, NONE of this would have happened. DIE!!!!!!!”
She points fingers from both hands at Chumana and pure visible power comes from her hands and strikes Chumana square in the chest. Chumana drops to the ground DEAD from that one attack.

Babette looks visibly drained, and opens her transportation light. She turns towards the party and whispers “I will deal with you later”.
Mike uses Creature Analysis again, this time succeeding. He finds out that Babette’s Karma Step is 14 and her Physical Defense is 22. Kevin tries to grapple Babette before she can enter the light, but fails. Maria casts a Mind Dagger and causes some damage, but not enough to prevent Babette from retreating.

The party now considers using Last Chance (spell) on Chumana (Kevin goes into hiding since he threw the death blow). Tom casts it, but the healing gained isn’t enough to bring Chumana back. He tries a second time, but no better result. Betsey then uses a Last Chance potion, and CHUMANA LIVES!

Chumana barely opens her eyes, and whispers “why?” Betsey answers “because Babette wants you dead”. Chumana falls unconscious.

Sabrina summons an Earth Elemental and asks it to dig a hole 20 feet deep. They put the baby in the hole, and Tom casts Pass Ward on the body (password is “knowledge is power” and it will last for seven years). Sabrina then asks the Elemental to cover up the hole, and she casts Purify Earth in the area.

Tom gives Chumana a healing potion, and she slowly awakens.

Chumana: “That was supposed to be a baby dragon. I can never forgive myself. I have nothing to live for.”
Tom: “Babette took your baby and you have nothing to live for? Not even vengeance? What is this ‘contract’?”

“In my dragon clan, marriages and families are arranged. My ‘mate’ had been determined for me many years before we even met. His name was Rubio. He was nice enough, always treated me well. I didn’t love him, but that didn’t matter. About two years ago, while the arrangements were being made for the union, he visited me at night and we decided to fly out by ourselves to get to know each other better. He seemed a little different that night – what I thought was a calm and level-headed being was now slightly reckless, but in a fun and dangerous way. It was almost as if he was acting while in public, and this was the real dragon (or maybe I had this backwards – I still don’t know). Anyway, I won’t go into the details, but a few months later I realized that I was pregnant. I went to find Rubio to tell him the great news – but he was gone. No word to his family – no notes – no signs – just gone. I haven’t seen him since that crazy night.

“Fast forward about six months, and I receive a rather startling and unexpected visit from a female human (Babette). At the time she seemed nice enough, and she knew alot about me and my pregnancy. She said that she was asked to deliver a message from Rubio (GM note – he used a Message spell similar to your chalk). He had decided to fly far away from the clan for a week or so, in order to clear his head and prepare for the start of his adult life. He didn’t tell anyone because he didn’t want anyone to worry about him. That’s where the message ended. Babette could not tell me where he was, nor could she tell me if he would ever come back. What she did know is that somehow he knew about the pregnancy – and she wanted to help if she could. She had drawn up a note which promised to help raise the baby, and she was willing to make it a blood oath. She knew so much about me and about Rubio that I trusted her, so I agreed to the contract and signed in blood. That was possibly the biggest mistake of my life.

“A few months after that, I start having very strange dreams. I can’t really describe them, but they are very disturbing – to the point where I can’t sleep, and when I do sleep, I feel as if I’m flying in a daze instead. Then I start having blackouts. I think that’s about the time you visited Ishkarat.”


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