Bees and Ghosts? Really????

Feb 28 2105 Game Session

The party continues their exploration of the kaer. They go back one room and over to the other door, which leads them to a corridor, which they follow to the left, leading them back towards the starting point (just to the “west”). As they start “up", Taylor has some warnings going off in her head – there is definitely a trap in the area. Kevin decides to locate said trap, so they tie a rope around him and he walks towards the area. Taylor yells “stop” a half second too late, and Kevin is surrounded by a swarm of bees. Sabrina is able to re-attune to Fireball after two rounds, and blasts the bees away – but they do HUGE amount of damage to Kevin. Betsey locates the spot where the bees came out (rolls a 16) and seals the spot in the hopes of never having that happen again.

The party heads towards the room with the yellow painted circle to sleep. Taylor doesn’t want to sleep, but Kevin and Mike really need the rest.

The next morning, they head back to the bees area with Taylor in the lead. She thinks that she notices an oddity in a wall opposite where the bees came out, and after a bit of exploration, they find a very well hidden door. Mike (now known as the Key Master Meat Shield) tries the keys that they found – and one of them works! Mike bravely opens the door to a 9×4 room without any other entries. The room appears to have (at one time) been a bedroom – there is double-bed (mattress with a blanket), four drawers under the bed (two on each side), small nightstand with three drawers, and on top of the nightstand is a small box. The box is approximately one cubic foot in size. Mike and Maria try Astral Sight (23) but no extra information is gained. Mike enters the room, heads for the box, and lifts the cover. Inside the box is a set of wooden wind chimes. Taylor exclaims “that’s another clue – I remember that if you strike the chimes individually in the correct order, the sound will reveal concealed doors”.

Kevin sends a message to ChuChu – “FYI – so far we have no evidence of the egg or of anyone being in this area”. The party continues their counter-clockwise travels on this level, eventually working their way to a very large set of stairs leading down to another level of the kaer. Mike decides to descend the stairs by himself with no ropes or other literal ties to the party – he gets to the landing and realizes there is no light down here (and nothing prevented the travelling). Mike’s heat sight kicks in and does not reveal anything, so he comes back up the stairs.

Continuing onward, they find another door in the southeast area. Betsey checks for traps, Maria tries Astral Sight, both are convinced there are no traps. Mike uses key number 2 and the door opens! It looks like another bedroom (again double-bed with drawers) and a nightstand – but this time the nightstand only holds a cloth doll which kinds of looks like an elf. Taylor thinks for a second, and then announces “hey – I know that thing – it’s supposed to work like a divining rod and point out locations of a purposefully broken wand”.

While studying the doll, four ‘ghosts’ come out of the walls and attack the party. Some of them engulf members of the party, but after a few rounds they are defeated.


MarkOliver MarkOliver

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