The Heart of a Lion
August 27, 2017 Game Session

The party continues exploring the building, finding a closing corridor leading to a green tinted door (fairly close), a red tinted door (farther away), and a blue arch leading to a pristine room (no dust or debris, tapestries on the walls). Betsey doesn’t believe what she is seeing, so she tries to determine if there are any illusions (rolls 14, convinced there are no illusions). She tosses a small pebble into the room, and it goes in with no other effect.

Mike approaches the green door and sees a sign on it which he cannot read (and he detects a faint astral glow around the door). Sabrina uses Read / Write Language (rolls 20) and can now read “Archaic Undead Script”. The sign says “Waste Keep Closed”. Tom examines the tapestries in the clean room; they depict battle scenes in great glory detail.

Mike decides to open the green door, and is BLOWN backward into the opposite wall (32 points damage) as the collection of methane releases from the chasm on the other side of the door. Betsey closes the door and writes DON’T OPEN in as many languages she knows. Tom flitters in the blue room and examines the blue door from a distance; he doesn’t see anything on it, and notices that the hinges are on the inside. The red door is exactly the same. In the room, Tom notices a large blue archway which has two circular (six inch) darker blue circles midway up each side. Checking out the tapestries, there is nothing underneath them. {Meanwhile, Kevin starts sealing the green door with his own ear wax. I had nothing to do with this in any way.}

Tom casts Shield Mist on himself, and attempts to open the blue door, but it’s locked from the inside. Betsey enters the room and checks out the door. There are no traps on it, but it has a complicated lock system that is designed to keep whatever is on the other side out of this room. A quick check of the red door shows exactly the same system. Betsey gets the blue door unlocked, slowly opens it just a crack, and peeks through. She sees outside (into the War Zone), and closes the door back up and relocks it. Betsey examines the blue buttons on the arch and comes to the conclusion that they are pressure plates. Betsey and Tom go to the buttons, tie a rope around each other (leading out of the room to Mike), and on the count of three they press the buttons.


Everyone rushes into the room and begin expecting the worst ………. and they get teleported to another small pristine room with another arch. Leaving the room, they enter a maze of twisty passages with a nine foot ceiling. Mike activates a gas trap, but luckily it doesn’t affect anyone. A few minutes later (with Kevin in the lead), he thinks he sees movement on the wall; a human ‘shadow’ about five feet tall. He moves forward to get a closer look, and it comes out of the wall and attacks!

Round 1: Betsey falls down. Maria comes out with guns blazing, casting Razor Orb for 42.
Round 2: Black uses a Terror talent and ‘stuns’ Mike, Maria and Kevin (Betsey for about 2 seconds). Tom BLASTS it for 50 using Astral Sphere. Sabrina does what she does best – fires a hot arrow and destroys Black.
Round 3: Yellow uses Terror but doesn’t get Sabrina and Tom.
Round 4: Sabrina hits Yellow with a Bank Shot. Yellow tries to hit Tom, but Shield Mist works nicely.
Round 5: Yellow slices Tom and knocks him down. Maria breaks free of the Terror, Tom hits with Astral Sphere.
Round 6: Yellow swings at Tom, who is able to dodge away, but knocks himself out due to strain. Yellow decides the battle is not going well and leaves the combat.

After combat is over, Mike then realizes that he has the Lion Heart talent, which would have given him a much better chance to avoid the Terror. OOPS. :) :) :)

Nobody Does Silence Like Us!
July 29, 2017 Game Session

At approximately 10:30 am, BNB are introduced to the War Zone. They are not amused. They walk along the edge of the wall (on War Zone side) approaching the rubble south of the middle bridge, keeping eyes and ears pealed. Kevin realizes that they are walking through two to three inches of poison ivy, and ivy gets thicker (up to about 6 inches) as you look towards the ravine.

At approximately 11:15 am, the party is now 200 yards south of the rubble. They see many “armies” of strawmen and falsemen (mostly) engaged in a melee. There doesn’t seem to be any leadership or way to determine one “side” from another “side” in the fighting. Mike uses Call of Harrow to get some information on the strawmen, giving him some statistical information (Phys Def roughly 7 and no Phys Armor – and they appear to be highly susceptible to fire. Kevin starts preparing cloth (by tearing into strips) in case he wants to make a big fire. They continue around the rubble towards the middle bridge.

At approximately 11:45, a piercing scream comes out of nowhere from the Fountain. Luckily for the party, it’s not powerful enough to affect anyone. The party is now 150 yards from the bridge. Sabrina (flying at 40 feet) can’t tell much about what the bridge can support, but she does notice that a few falsemen seem to have stopped their combat and are “pointing” towards the party. They pick up their pace towards the bridge. Kevin gets grabbed by a very strong vine, but he breaks free of it. With three feet of vine stick stuck to his boot, Kevin lights it on fire. Noxious fumes emit from the vine – Kevin fails his Wilpower check, starts to get nauseous, then fails a Dexterity check, trips on another vine, and is now face first and vomiting in a pile of ivy. The area around the attached vine sparks briefly, but does not catch on fire. Betsey and Mike hack away (somewhat carefully) at the vines surrounding Kevin, and he’s able to get back up.

They arrive at the bridge around noon. The bridge is ten feet wide and made of wood, but not ‘normal’ wood – it’s difficult to tell if the wood is petrified or just ‘altered’ (location location location). With the two windlings flying over the bridge providing scouting reports, Mike crosses the bridge rather easily (two Dexterity checks of 7 or better). Maria follows (also rather easily), and then Betsey. She gets halfway across, and then is caught by the bridge swaying, throwing her to the deck. Tom summons a spirit who acts like a ‘pillow’ for Betsey to walk on. Slower going, but she makes it to the north side. Kevin (last one to cross) sprays a flask of oil ten to fifteen yards away from him and the bridge to prepare for a wall of fire if needed.

Kevin begins his trek across the bridge, but it is very difficult due to his weight (otherwise known as he can’t make a Dexterity check at all). Tom summons another spirit (27!) and it literally picks Kevin off the bridge by an inch – Kevin is able to grab the side ropes and pull himself to the middle. Kevin then calls up to Sabrina (now 50 feet up directly over Kevin’s head) to throw a Flame Arrow at the oil (since there are now about 15 falsemen getting close to that side of the bridge).

FWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!! (Step 22 four times: 17, 34, 17, 23)  91 points of fire damage to the area! It’s like a giant mushroom cloud has just incinerated the area (and when Kevin comes up with the absolutely brilliant title for this session). There is now a 200 by 300 yard area at the south side of the bridge which is completely scorched and devoid of vines.

The party now has three rounds to prepare for an onslaught of about 100 strawmen / falsemen on the other side of the ravine. Betsey and Maria begin to re-attune, and the group starts moving due north toward The Vaults wall (to use it as a defensive barrier). It becomes obvious that one set of falsemen have a “leader” who is guiding their movement (it’s also the only one holding an obvious weapon). Sabrina tries another Flame Arrow (27 to hit, 26 damage) at one group (Step 19 three times: 39, 10, 38)  87 points of fire damage to the area! Another 100 by 100 yard area is scorched, and an entire squad of falsemen are obliterated!

The second squad continues their pursuit, causing the party to circle around the north edge of a pile of rubble (there is about 250 yards between the two groups with the rubble in between). Sabrina throws another Flame Arrow (24 to hit, 39 damage) at the falsemen (Step 19 four times: 8, 15, 10, 13)  46 points of fire damage. Not nearly as large a blast as the other two, but definitely enough to destroy the second squad!

At approximately 1:00, the party climbs on top of the rubble to rest and see if they can find a way “inside” (to get away from battle and to see if they can find an entrance to the catacombs). After searching the ground level for about 15 minutes, Tom picks up a shiny reflection from his Sunstone. Betsey proceeds down a narrow passageway, enhancing her Perception with See The Unseen. She is delighted to see a large pile of silver coins in an open area. She starts looking for traps amongst the coins, and a steel golem (Red) sits up from inside the coins – as well as three others (Yellow, Black, White) from the opposite side of the area.

Round 1: Sabrina pings Yellow with an arrow, Mike gets scratched.
Round 2: Mike gets scratched, Kevin wounds White, Tom gets armor defeating hit on White with Astral Sphere, Sabrina gets armor defeating hit on Yellow with an arrow (ouch).
Round 3: Kevin destroys White, Yellow uses Fire Heal and then gets plunked by Tom (42!). Maria casts Doom Missle (45!!!) against Black – it doesn’t know it yet, but it’s not going to survive.
Round 4: Sabrina puts a toothpick through Yellow’s head, Black is blasted by the Dooooooooom Missle.
Round 5: Maria causes another 26 to Black, then Tom disintegrates it with an armor defeating 56 points of damage from an Astral Sphere.
Round 6: Maria gets bored of the combat, casts Razor Orb, and causes a bazillion points of damage to White.

Déjà vu all over again
May 26, 2017 Game Session

The plan for tomorrow is to reconnoiter down the Laneway towards the Screaming Fountain, then scale the wall near the edge of the Twists (as far away as possible from Fountain), then down next lane to the War Zone. About 65 yards in, a pressure plate is found and Betsey disarms it. Another plate is found 250 yard in, Betsey again disarms it. Now a quarter mile in, four more plates across the way – three more successes from Betsey and the group simply avoids the last one. Now a half mile in, eight plates are found – Betsey disarms one, but Kevin sets off another, five bone shamblers come over the wall to attack, they are dispatched easily in three rounds.

Now an hour in (fountain still three-quarters of a mile away), four steel statues are visible about 50 yards away. Sabrina flies toward them, Mike follows with a huge sigh. The statues move and surprise Sabrina, knocking her unconscious with one blow! Maria gets off a Razor Orb, totally eviscerating a statue in one shot (78 damage!). Three rounds after that, the statues are now scrap. They find the section of the wall they are looking for, and hop over into the Twists. Fifteen minutes later, they enter the War Zone.

No Soup for Tom
April 29, 2017 Game Session

BNB arrives at Haven, sell of a whole bunch of Espagra scales, keeping enough to be used in cloaks for Kirault and Kirker (and to pay for the cloaks). The group has no opinion if K and K let the town know of their generousity (hey – any PR is good PR).

They head to the Delver’s HQ to talk with Barclay (male dwarf) where Tom and Kevin gleefully join the Delvers (and there was much rejoicing). They begin their research of The Twins – Barclay believes he knows where information might be stored, asks Sabrina to go with him, regroup in about two hours. In the meantime, party goes to Vardeghul’s store. Tom asks the lackey behind the counter specific questions about specific “they who shall not be named” beings, and the lackey sheepishly runs to get Vardeghul. Waiting for the T’Skrang, Tom casts a detection spell in the store, and all sorts of klaxon alarms go off. Vardeghul storms in and demands “WHO CAST A SPELL IN MY STORE???” – the party throws Tom under the bus, and he is ejected from the store! The rest of the party manages to placate Vardeghul and begs (aka pays her off {-5000 silver}) to get information about The Twins. (Meanwhile, Tom casts a “window” spell from outside so he can at least see what is going on.) They leave, go get lunch, and go back to the Delvers.

Barclay has some news – he and Sabrina have found that the party will want to find the Book of Merrox – it has some power over Horrors in general, but legend has it that there is a particular spell in the Book that is extremely powerful when cast at the Twins.

Now heading to Torgak’s to try to find magic items, but none are there that suit the party’s needs right now. Spread word around Haven that BNB is looking for adventurers (at least Circle 6, “heavily combat oriented”) and that applications will be accepted for a few days.

Back to Vardeghul’s (Tom volunteers to stay outside), she has found that the party should try to find the Book of Merrox, and that it’s last known location was in the War Zone.

Parlainth or Bust
March 25, 2017 Game Session

BNB delivers the scroll case (from Mr Black) to Vaare in Syrtis. Vaare inquires as to how the party got acquainted with Mr Black, and they give him the Cliff Note’s (and blame Chumanna for most of it). Mike buys two Espagra cloaks, leaving one cloak and Espagra scale armor behind to be enhanced as much as possible (cloak will take 12 days, armor will take 77 days). The party enlists the help of two Circle 8 Weaponsmiths to work on the armor.

They decide the best route to Parlainth is boat to Tansiarda, then another boat to the end of the Serpent River, where they walk the rest of the way.

During the first night of the walking portion of the trip, they are surprised by a group of orcs who have very good plans, but they’re not even close to a match for the party. All but two are killed rather quickly. The two that surrendered (let’s call them Kirault and Kirker) are in awe of the party. They asks to join (well, at least “can you take us to Haven without killing us please?”). There is also a battle with espagra, but it’s really not worth mentioning much.

Money count – party currently has 1376 silver pieces, and a large collection of gems that are worth over 47,000 silver pieces.

Gone With The Wind
Sep 24 2016 Game Session

(5pm) Glondorf determines that Aktuh (Black circle with White X) is the one who tried to mark him. The group decides to heal up and spend the night here. The next day, Glondorf tries Direction Sense to locate Aktuh – it fails because (he believes) that she isn’t within range. Maria sends a message to Ahemy and Scattill (at Throal Library):

M> Have you heard of any Horror activity between Ishkarat and Throal in the last few months?”
AS> Can you hear me? How does this thing work? We don’t know of any Horror activities in this area and we are checking with other (end of message).
M> Limited word count – please be succinct.
AS> Oh – didn’t know – no Horror actions, will ask around.

The group takes the Dragon Express back to Ishkarat, landing a day and a half later (10 to 15 minutes outside of town). Glondorf again tries Direction Sense, but he doesn’t think he beats her spell defense.

Getting within sight of Ishkarat, and something looks ‘wrong’. Three red X’s have been drawn on the gates (darker at the top, lighter going down). Group tries a message to the Mayor and Taylor (“WTF?”), but they get no response. Kevin sends the falcon up very high to look over the walls and sees no movement in the streets at all. People start looking at the gate via Astral Space – good thing Maria rolls a 28, otherwise she would have received a monstrous headache – and now the party is really worried. Betsey confirms that the X’s are made with blood.

“Oh Good – you’re back!”

The voice is now easily recognizable as Babs – she’s in one of the towers (about 20 feet up inside the tower) looking at the party from an arrow slit.

“The city isn’t empty. The people are still here. I asked them to make the X’s. It seemed like a nice decoration at the time.”

(Tom chalks a message to Chumanna – “Babs in town in tower”.)

“I have a present for you”, says Babs. The gate opens and Taylor walks out, her eyes glazed over. As soon as the gate closes, she appears to regain her senses. She has no memory of any events from the past week; she only remembers hearing the gate close. Maria casts Karma Cancel on Babs. Kevin uses Great Leap to attempt to break down the gate by ramming it – not necessarily a great decision as he hits the gate with a soft “thud” (also he does make Babs chuckle just a bit). Tom casts his now famous “circle of protection” around the group (freaking 56 mystic armor!).

Kevin scrapes himself off the gate, then starts to dose the gate with oil – while Tom attempts to summon a Spirit on the other side of the gate (trying to open it from the inside). Maria casts Aura Strike at Babs, causing damage and a wound!

“Hey! I give you a present and you thank me with spell damage? I’m insulted! If that’s what you want, I’m happy to oblige!” And with that, four of the Elementals (from a few days ago) morph up from the ground and start swinging. Kevin lights the oil on the gate (a rather large BOOM) and Great Leaps away to the top of the tower where Babs is. Maria casts Combat Fury on Mike, and Sabrina hits Babs with an arrow (ouch!).

Babs opens the front gate and casts a spell causing swirling winds around her, but she continues to take damage from the party. She appears to be getting very mad, and casts a VERY nasty spell which hits Taylor (no damage), then Sabrina (whack), then Mike (SERIOUS WHACK), then Betsey (whack), then Mike again (and he’s out cold!). Babs then screams “DON’T F*CK WITH ME!”

Kevin comes out of the tower and attempts to grab Babs (who is starting her “winking out” process) but fails to get and maintain contact. Babs eventually fades away, and the elementals fade away as well.

Kevin goes back to the gate – the wood portion has been blown away (taking the red X’s as well), but the stone infrastructure is still intact. The group determines that the Astral effect is also gone – a fact confirmed when the Mayor comes to the gate a minute later with a confused look on her face. “What happened?” is all she can get out.

Fishing in Astral Space
August 27, 2016 Game Session

Mike (aka Glondorf) considers talking to Betsey to ask Mr. Black about “transferring” a Horror Mark from Chumanna to himself. She agrees, and a conversation begins. Mr. Black has never heard of this feat, and thinks that if Mike can pull this off, the Party will not only become Legendary (for doing something that has never been done before), but also make the Party “prime enemy number one” to ALL Horrors.

Mr. Black says that if you can do this, I might want to hire your services – if you survive, of course.

Mr. Black also suggests that the area around the end of the Servos River is mostly uninhabited, so that wouldn’t be a bad place to try your experiment. He wishes the party luck (“you’re going to need it!”) and they fly away.

Landing at 8am, they setup for the ritual, which will take eight hours.

During Hour Five, Kevin’s falcon sees a group of four adolescent ogres about 200 yards away. Kevin asks Chumanna to roar loudly in that direction, hoping to scare the crap out of the ogres and prevent a fight. Chumanna agrees, and as the party collectively covers their ears, lets out a blasting roar. The ogres peek out of a set of trees, see Chumanna, and RUN AWAY screaming!

During Hour Six, Maria decides to look at Astral Space. She sees vibrations – sort of like looking at a pond which is now starting to get small waves. After Hour Seven, the waves are much more choppy (to the point where anyone in a ten foot boat or smaller would have difficulty staying in the boat).

At Hour Eight, the ritual concludes (with the party casting a whole bunch of defensive spells in preparation, just in case). The result of the ritual is such that Aktul becomes aware of the attempt to break the mark, and she attempts to use the ritual to mark Glondorf. She rolls a 26, and Mike fends off the mark with a 33!

The rippling of Astral Space now starts to be seen coming into Normal Space – followed by a collection of six elemental-type forms, surrounding the party from about 10 yards away. The resulting fight is a difficult one (Kevin knocked unconscious, Maria actually takes damage!), with Chumanna’s lightning breath saving the day!

The Plot Thins and Thickens
Jan 30 2016 Game Session

Continuing the conversation with Chumana ….

“I have only seen Horrors in my dreams, never in person. Rubio came from the mountains near Scytha (northeast of Throal – Tom can confirm the stories of dragons living in that area). There is no reason to believe that Rubio was tainted – but the only thing that makes sense is that he was ‘altered’ in some way when he last visited me.”

The party decides to go to the Scytha mountains. Chumana can transport them there, but not until she rests. They leave the next day and arrive at the mountains two days later. Upon arrival, they see lots of snow covered mountain tops and no clear area to land until just about the last second. They find a cave a short distance away and … gee, maybe we should tell someone that we’re here? Chumana lets out a serious of musical tones into the cave, and a response can be heard after about 10 seconds.

“We’re not expected, but it’s okay to enter” says Chumana.

They enter the cave, which is very dark and has slimy walls. They seem to travel for 10 to 15 minutes, with Chumana sounding a few times along the way. In the distance, they can see some flickering lights, and as they get closer they realize that they are about to enter an area about the size of the SuperDome, with the walls lined with acres and acres of gems (reflecting and generating light). Betsey succeeds in controlling her urges to go swimming.

A HUGE black dragon (twice the size of Chumana) flies towards the party and starts a ‘conversation’ with Chumana. After a few minutes, she/he/it turns to the party.

“Why?” spoken in a very dark, deep male voice.

Tom goes into an extensive story about the history of the party (with pictures and arrows and a paragraph on each picture), and continues with raising Chumana from the last fight and horror marks and ….

“Why you here?” interrupts the dragon.

Betsey realizes that she has an empty slot in Speak Languages, so she attempts to learn the dragon’s language (she needs to roll a 10 and gets a 32!!)

“Why have you come here?”

Cliff notes version of Chumana’s story, looking for Rubio family, the Egg, horrors, etc. They ask Chumana to give permission to Mr Black to look at her astrally, and she does.

“Oh My…”

The party then gives permission for Mr Black to look at all of them, and grants them the same. His pattern is as close to perfect as anyone has ever seen.

Mr Black: How can I help?

Party: Is Rubio still alive?

Mr Black: No. He died about 15 months ago (timeline matches) defending his family from a Horror or Construct (we couldn’t tell which).

Party: Chumana, which dragon did you try to find when Rubio left?

Chumana points at a random in the distance.

Mr Black: That dragon would not have known about Rubio’s death at the time. It was kept quiet for months to protect the family in case another Horror / Construct visited. And before you ask the question – ‘yes’, we did know of the meetings between Rubio and Chumana, and we were quite happy and the prospect of their future together.

Party: How could the Egg get affected?

Mr Black: Knowing only what you have told me and not having the Egg here to examine, the only logical answer is that Rubio must have been the source. He was a fairly quite and reserved young dragon, so if he acted any differently, that would only add evidence to him being in trouble or otherwise ‘affected’.

Party: Wonder if we can find out when / how / where Rubio got marked. They decide to ask Mr Black if he recognizes the syllables “ahk” and “mey”.

Mr Black: Yes, I know what those are. Do you really want to know?

Party: YES YES YES!!!

Mr Black: Aktuh and Maylota. Your lives are now in great danger. I cannot allow you to bring those Two into this cave, but maybe there is something I can do to help. I can cast a spell to allow you to train at an accelerated rate (can increase four items per day) and I can allow you to stay here for three or four days. I suspect that knowing what you know now, you won’t have to search The Two out – they’ll find you.

Legend Points given to the party (huzzah!) and spending begins. You should now have 102,400 total LP.

No Fury like a Construct Scorned
Jan 2 2016 Game Session

KiLi arrives on the scene and looks at the dragon. She confirms that its pattern is completely messed up. A Message is sent to Vaare asking for help in any way (beastmasters, Throal Library, Chumana (who is still unresponsive), dragon experts, whatever he can find). KiLi suggests that they should bring the dragon to a holding cell for now.

KiLi is convinced that what can be seen of the Baby Dragon’s pattern indicates that it is some combination of dragon and horror. If it continues to grow, it is more likely that it will become a Horror than it will a Dragon.

Vaare finally responds to Messages:
Vaare: Have you talked to Chumana?
Party: We have tried, no response.
Vaare: I just got a message – she’s despondent.
Party: Do you have any suggestions?
Vaare: Try another message.

Party sends Message to Chumana stating that they have the baby. Chumana finally responds and asks to meet the group east of Ishkarat (at their somewhat standard meeting place) in about an hour. Tom is able to summon a spirit which will “hold” the baby for the transport (it takes three tries, but the spirit agrees and will stay around for 11 hours!).

Maria Messages Throal Librarians asking them if they have heard of the baby dragon’s scenario before – they will investigate and get back to her when they find anything.

The party arrives at the meeting spot in about 45 minutes, and they only have to wait another 10 or so before Chumana arrives.

Mike: Congratulations – you are the mother of a bouncing baby WTF.
Chumana (puff of disgusted air out of nose): I know.
Betsey: If you knew, how did the baby get here?
Chumana: In my inital reactions and shock, I let my guard down and the baby got away.
Tom: Can you fix the baby?

And then – from out of nowhere – comes a voice that the party has learned to despise – it’s Babette, who has materialized behind Chumana (out of sight of the party).

Babette: There’s nothing to fix – the baby is fine!

Chumana immediately turns and breathes fire at Babette. She is completely engulfed in flames, yet appears completely undamaged seconds later. Tom begins weaving to (what will now be called) Circle of Protection White around the party to prevent Babette and Chumana from entering (he eventually finishes and gets a 29 for the Circle). Mike and Kevin start looking at each other making small silent gestures, and quietly and slowly move to surround the baby.

Babette: Chumana, can I have the baby now?
Cumana: (stuttering, desperate and defensive) You know that the contract is void!
Babette: It’s now or else.

Initiative is rolled. :)

Round 1

Chumana attempts to grab Babette with both front claws, only the left one succeeds, but still does some slight damage.
Tom tells the spirit “we’re going to kill the baby – please change color so we don’t hit you by mistake” (and it does).
Betsey casts Dampen Karma on Babette and succeeds!
Kevin takes the first swipe at the baby and hits.
Maria casts Combat Fury on Mike (of course).
Sabrina hit Babette with an arrow. Babette returns the favor, hitting Sabrina with Icy Mace and Chain, pulling her down to the ground. Babette also Sticks Chumana to the ground.
Mike also swings and hits the baby. Both Chumana and Babette scream “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING????”

Round 2

Babette runs around Chumana and attempts to break the Circle. She fails miserably, so in her fury she casts Fireball at the entire party (and it hurts!).
Taylor hits the baby, then Kevin does – and Kevin follows up with a momentum attack – its head rolls away from its body!
Chumana sees this, breaks free of the hold, and flies straight into the Circle, hoping to take it down – it dims significantly but manages to hold (“shields now at 15% Captain!”).
Maria reattunes.
Mike attempts Creature Analysis against Babette, but fails.
Sabrina fires another arrow and hits Babette.
Betsey gives Tom (currently unconscious from the Fireball) a healing potion.

Round 3

Tom casts Astral Sphere at Babette (rolled a 28) and hits!
Sabrina tries another arrow, but this one misses.
Babette notices the baby’s head on the ground, taps the Circle (to make sure it’s still there) and then focuses all of her attention at Chumana:
“This is all YOUR fault! If you had done what you were supposed to do, NONE of this would have happened. DIE!!!!!!!”
She points fingers from both hands at Chumana and pure visible power comes from her hands and strikes Chumana square in the chest. Chumana drops to the ground DEAD from that one attack.

Babette looks visibly drained, and opens her transportation light. She turns towards the party and whispers “I will deal with you later”.
Mike uses Creature Analysis again, this time succeeding. He finds out that Babette’s Karma Step is 14 and her Physical Defense is 22. Kevin tries to grapple Babette before she can enter the light, but fails. Maria casts a Mind Dagger and causes some damage, but not enough to prevent Babette from retreating.

The party now considers using Last Chance (spell) on Chumana (Kevin goes into hiding since he threw the death blow). Tom casts it, but the healing gained isn’t enough to bring Chumana back. He tries a second time, but no better result. Betsey then uses a Last Chance potion, and CHUMANA LIVES!

Chumana barely opens her eyes, and whispers “why?” Betsey answers “because Babette wants you dead”. Chumana falls unconscious.

Sabrina summons an Earth Elemental and asks it to dig a hole 20 feet deep. They put the baby in the hole, and Tom casts Pass Ward on the body (password is “knowledge is power” and it will last for seven years). Sabrina then asks the Elemental to cover up the hole, and she casts Purify Earth in the area.

Tom gives Chumana a healing potion, and she slowly awakens.

Chumana: “That was supposed to be a baby dragon. I can never forgive myself. I have nothing to live for.”
Tom: “Babette took your baby and you have nothing to live for? Not even vengeance? What is this ‘contract’?”

“In my dragon clan, marriages and families are arranged. My ‘mate’ had been determined for me many years before we even met. His name was Rubio. He was nice enough, always treated me well. I didn’t love him, but that didn’t matter. About two years ago, while the arrangements were being made for the union, he visited me at night and we decided to fly out by ourselves to get to know each other better. He seemed a little different that night – what I thought was a calm and level-headed being was now slightly reckless, but in a fun and dangerous way. It was almost as if he was acting while in public, and this was the real dragon (or maybe I had this backwards – I still don’t know). Anyway, I won’t go into the details, but a few months later I realized that I was pregnant. I went to find Rubio to tell him the great news – but he was gone. No word to his family – no notes – no signs – just gone. I haven’t seen him since that crazy night.

“Fast forward about six months, and I receive a rather startling and unexpected visit from a female human (Babette). At the time she seemed nice enough, and she knew alot about me and my pregnancy. She said that she was asked to deliver a message from Rubio (GM note – he used a Message spell similar to your chalk). He had decided to fly far away from the clan for a week or so, in order to clear his head and prepare for the start of his adult life. He didn’t tell anyone because he didn’t want anyone to worry about him. That’s where the message ended. Babette could not tell me where he was, nor could she tell me if he would ever come back. What she did know is that somehow he knew about the pregnancy – and she wanted to help if she could. She had drawn up a note which promised to help raise the baby, and she was willing to make it a blood oath. She knew so much about me and about Rubio that I trusted her, so I agreed to the contract and signed in blood. That was possibly the biggest mistake of my life.

“A few months after that, I start having very strange dreams. I can’t really describe them, but they are very disturbing – to the point where I can’t sleep, and when I do sleep, I feel as if I’m flying in a daze instead. Then I start having blackouts. I think that’s about the time you visited Ishkarat.”

Introducing Babette
September 6 2015 Game Session

The party continues their research about Horrors and specifically The Twins. They find some more information about Lord Redstone (he lived in the Syrtis area about 425 years ago), but they aren’t sure if that is very helpful or not. With no better alternative, they decide to head towards Syrtis, taking the road though the mountain (about a 2 to 2.5 day travel).

Right around sunset of the first day, they see another caravan in front of them. One of the wagons appears to be damaged, and two humans appear to be having a small argument. Kevin sends the wolf into the brush to check for others (just in case). Maria uses Astral Sight and determines that none of these people are Adepts. The party decides to ignore this other caravan and continue their trip, going around without getting involved. The two having an argument finally heats up to the point where they start throwing punches at each other, and the rest of the caravan group gathers around to try to stop the fight. The party continues to try to ignore the situation – up until the point where one of the fighters shouts “NOW” – and then the party realizes that this was a “trap” and they are surrounded.

Sabrina fires and arrow and kills one in one shot. Betsey knocks down one of the fighters (Byrronnis) and breaks his leg. Mike jumps one of the caravan group trying to run away and eviscerates him. Kevin great leaps and lands on Byrronnis, breaking several of his ribs (but he doesn’t stick the landing, so no style points). The other combatant (Perskell) gives up sheepishly.

A quick interrogation follows – the perps had no idea that they were going to be taking on a formidable party, and they are really really really sorry. Mike tells Perskell to get naked (which he does) and to walk back to Throal. They turn their attention to Byrronnis, only to find out that he’s bled to death. The party decides to take the leftover caravan (which not so surprisingly wasn’t damaged at all) and continue on to Syrtis.

About 15 minutes later, a small pinprick of light appears a few feet in front of the wagon. The light starts to grow in size, then form the shape of a human – and then she steps through the light. The party presumes (quite correctly) that this is Babette.

The dialog that follows is quick and witty on both sides. Babette often asks the party if they want to join her (although she never really says what it is she is doing), and each time the party refuses. Babette often says that she respects the power and intelligence of the party, and she seems to be genuine with her praise. Tom is not caught up in the flattery, and tries (three times) to cast Astral Sphere at Babette, succeeding on the third try, only to be thwarted by her Steel Thought talent. In response to Tom’s actions, Babette puts him in a Stone Cage.

Out of nowhere, the party gets a Message from Taylor (who is still in Ishkarat): “Hey guys you might want to get back here NOW!!!!” Almost immediately after that message, everyone (except Tom) hears Chumana “scream” in their head! And then another Message from Taylor: “There is a baby dragon flying around the city killing people!!!”

Babette notices the startled party members, and with a wry smile says “Would you like a quick ride back to Ishkarat?”
Mike asks if it require them to be marked, and Babette says ‘no’. Mike follows up with “suppose I want to get marked…” – to which Babette raises an eyebrow and appears to be very intrigued by the idea.

“One more chance – I’m opening a path to Ishkarat right now – you are free to join me” says Babette, waving her hand in a small circle, moving faster and faster and growing the circle larger each revolution. The pinprick of light flickers into existence, and then begins to grow. Mike decides to spring at Babette, swings his axe, and hits her for 19 points of damage. He tries a second time, but she is able to avoid the blow. Maria tries a Razor Orb, but Babette blocks the spell with Steel Thought. Betsey tries Stop Right There, but again Steel Thought prevents. Sabrina tries an Icy Mace and Chain, and that hits for 32 damage!

Mike attempts to tackle Babette as she walks into the light, but unfortunately he fails badly. Babette smacks him with a wooden rod (hey – where did that come from?) for 25 damage (after armor). Babette disappears into the light.

Messages now go back and forth:
Party to Taylor: “What’s happening?”
Taylor to Party: “Baby dragon attacking people only, breathing fire/acid combination.”
Party to Taylor: “Where is Chumana?”
Taylor to Party: “No where to be seen.”
Party to Vaare: “Can you help us get to Ishkarat fast?”
Vaare to Party: “I will work on getting you transportation, but no guarantee….”

The party starts the forced march (though night) back to Throal. As they walk, they pass three of the caravan group and Perskell (who is still naked!). The four are told to go get the caravan and bring it back to Throal immediately. They all respond “YES SIR” and start back towards the wagon. As they go out of sight, one of them shouts back “Did you find the secret compartment?” Thinking quickly, Sabrina shouts back “YES!”. The last they hear from the four is swearing….

The party arrives back in Throal at sunrise. They are pretty tired – but Vaare has come through, and there is an airship waiting for them. Tom asks “what are we going to do once we get back to Ishkarat?”, and Maria snarkily replies “why don’t you come up with a plan and we’ll ignore it!”

They sleep on the air ship, which gets them to Ishkarat the next day. As the ship descends, they don’t see any people outside at all. They land outside the southeast wall, and ask the ship to go to the water dock just in case (the ship can stay for today, but then they have to head back to Throal).

They enter the city at the East gate (which they notice to be totally unguarded), and they see that the local houses and buildings are intact, but there are scorch marks on roads where bodies have been burned. Mike shouts “is anyone here?” and a voice from inside a building responds “is it safe?” – Mike continues with “we don’t know, stay inside” – and just as he finishes the sentence, he (and Maria and Sabrina) pick up the sound of wings flapping. Taylor shouts out from a nearby tower “here it comes!”. Maria puts up an Astral Sight and can easily tell that the dragon’s pattern looks like burnt spaghetti. There is a short combat (mostly trying to avoid some nasty fire/acid from the dragon). Betsey gets Stop Right There to work, causing the dragon to crash into the ground. The party is able to tie up the dragon and eventually get it to calm down.

KiLi arrives on the scene and looks at the dragon. She confirms that its pattern is completely messed up. A Message is sent to Vaare asking for help in any way (beastmasters, Throal Library, Chumana (who is still unresponsive), dragon experts, whatever he can find). KiLi suggests that they should bring the dragon to a holding cell for now, and then maybe back to the Kaer ………


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