The Journey towards Ishkarat

Aug 25 2013

After a time of celebration / drunkeness / training, the party decides to leave Haven and go back to Syrtis. (Nathan’s and Linda’s characters stay in Haven.) Upon arriving in Syrtis, Vaare thanks the party profusely for their help in defeating Her. He is literally a changed man, and will probably visit his family’s gravesite in the next few days to pay his respects. Kevin’s Elementalist heads off to Tansiarda to tell them the story. Before he leaves, he (and everyone else there) receive a Message Stick of Chalk from Vaare so that they can stay in contact with each other.

The party doesn’t really have any strong plans at this point, so Vaare suggests that he make contact with some other friends and see if anyone needs help, especially help with a Horror. He comes back later to indicate that he’s ‘talked’ to a friend of his named Ki-Li (pronounced “K-eye L-eye”) who apparently needs some help. The messages back from Ki-Li were “send supplies”, “send more supplies”, “send EVEN MORE supplies” , “HELP !!!!” Ki-Li lives in the city of Ishkarat, about 3-5 days travel via the Serpent River. While a boat is prepared for the trip, the party picks up two new members – a ‘new’ Kevin (troll beastmaster) and a ‘new’ Nathan (elven swordmaster).

The next day, the boat leaves. They are running with a light crew due to the amount of supplies on the boat (food, a little water, medicines, oils, general stock). Captain Shifti (laugh) asks if the party doesn’t mind sharing watch duties, just in case – you never know when pirates might try to take the ship. On the first night of travel – sure enough – the boat is boarded by a group of T’skrang. They think they can take the ship. They thought poorly (but they did cause some physical damage to Maria and Mike in the process).

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