Where else would you hide keys?

Jan 31, 2015 Game Session

The party re-enters the kaer and heads towards the blocked passageways. Mike and Kevin begin examining the rubble, and they determine some sort of a trap had been set off to block these passageways – and this was done a LONG time ago (possibly when the kaer was closed). They also see that there are two more statues, so they set themselves for another fight, after taking some time to orient spells.

Mike intends to run to the statues, swing at the statues (to wake them up), then allow the statues to follow him back up the corridor. He does this twice but nothing happens. Sabrina then says “Gee, what’s so special about this entrance?” and the statues come to life, blocking the door. Maria hits #1 with Flame Flash and it disintegrates. Betsey walks up to #2, dodges the swing that it takes against her, smacks it with her mace, and then disintegrates it with lightning.

Betsey goes to the door – Mike The Meat Shield (laugh) will stand next to her and happily take damage for her when it happens. After a few tries, Betsey is able to pick the lock, but unfortunately she didn’t notice the trap. She and Mike both get caught in a blast of nasty gas – luckily it wasn’t too bad. Betsey cracks the door.

“Betsey says Butt Out – Mike and I are having an argument.”

After some searching, the party comes across an elf (Taylor) who is talking in a very raspy voice. She “woke up” when the party opened the door. She is guarding the kaer, but doesn’t remember many other things. If the dragon’s egg had been dropped in here, it did not wake her up. Maria uses Astral Sight on Taylor and sees a pattern that does not match anything she’s ever seen before. Taylor decides to bring the party to the stairs down – and when they get to that hallway, they see these signs on the walls:

hide the box from the twins
or else the reign of fear begins;
let no one know the hiding place
‘twill spell the end of the human race;
prevent the twins from going down
even if they have the crown;
although we will miss you for many years
we will do our best to shed no tears.

Kevin sends message to Vaare: “found prophecy talking about a box, twins, crown, end of human race from 400+ years ago – help!”

Mike heads towards the stairs and steps on a pressure plate. Party paranoia sets in.

They enter a 5 by 5 room with walls on all sides, except for a single door. Betsey rolls a 16 to successfully pick the lock. This leads to another room, this room has two doors, so they choose the one on the right. This leads to a room which has three stone figures in it, along with a painted yellow circle which kind of looks like a child’s painting. Taylor seems to recognize that this circle might mean something, but before she can get the words out, Sabrina enters the room and the statues come to life and attack. Mike is knocked unconscious in two rounds, but Betsey gets to him the next round and stuffs a potion down the Meat Shield’s throat. Lots of damage in both directions, statues turn to dust in four rounds.

Now that the combat is over, Taylor focuses on the yellow painted circle. She states that the yellow circle indicates that there is an important set of keys hidden somewhere in this room. Betsey’s ears perk up at the sound of Treasure! Maria notices that one of the stones in the wall is a slightly different color (orange), so Mike pushes on the stone – OOPS! An electric shock goes through his body and knocks him silly with a big OUCH. As soon as that happens, another stone in another wall turns slightly green. Kevin goes to the green spot on the wall and pushes it with Mike’s axe. The stone doesn’t move. Mike tries, but again the stone doesn’t move. Mike tries pushing on the yellow circle, nothing. They try yellow and green together, nothing. Nate tries pushing on the orange stone, and Nate is able to jump away before getting zapped. They try all three at the same time, and even though Nate knows about the zapping, he gets caught and knocked on his butt. Betsey walks the walls and tries to find hidden compartments – and she finds one in the door that they just came through! And in that compartment is a set of three keys which appear to be different from one another.


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