Think of the Frequent Flyer Miles!

January 26, 2018 Game Session

After the nasty battle, the party has a quick discussion about whether or not to try to bring Rubio back to life. The final decision is “yes”, so Tom weaves and casts Last Chance. The spells goes off, but Rubio is still dead. Maria suggests she use a Last Chance potion, but also asks Chumanna to sit on Rubio and if he gets even the slightest bit out of line, feel free to bite his head off. The potion works!

Rubio: What happened?
Party: You died and we brought you back. You’re still Horror Marked, so don’t make any sudden movements or we’ll just kill you again. You have a problem and we want to fix it, but we don’t know if someone else may try to stop us.
Rubio: If you mean the Twins, I haven’t been in contact with them for months.
Party: Where were their last known location?
Rubio: Outside of Kratas on the outskirts of the Servos Jungle.
Bestey (in Dragonese): Are you afraid to talk? {Rubio nods} Mr. Black is on his way. {Rubio reacts strongly and nervously.} Are you afraid of Mr. Black? Why? {Rubio violently waves his head up and down.}
Betsey (in Dwarven): Is Mr. Black a Horror?
Rubio: No No No No!!!! He could put me through torture that would be worse than a Horror!
Chumanna: You have no method of physically containing Rubio, but I do. He could go with me to my cave, which Dad doesn’t know about.
Tom: Casting Globe of Silence in such a way so that the party can speak, but Rubio can’t hear {DM agrees}.
Tom: I have a spell which could control his movement. Do you think that is necessary?
Chumanna: I would like to talk to Rubio and convince him to come back with me to the cave. I will take full responsibility for him.

The party debates for a few minutes, and decides that they will go to Chumanna’s Treasure Room and ask Mr. Black to meet there. Rubio will be allowed to fly on his own, under strong party scrutiny. They message Mr. Black who acknowledges the plan. Tom drops the Silence, and they fill Rubio in on their plans, which he agrees to.

Mike and Maria head in to Ishkarat to tell the town that everything is safe and to pick up some supplies. A few hours later, the party arrives in the Treasure room, and settles in for three days of waiting (and training, since the DM gave them Legend Points!).

When Mr. Black arrives, Chumanna gives him a big hug. He acknowledges the party and heads straight to Rubio. Tom says “we hope that Rubio can be taken into your care, and hopefully you’ll be able to rehabilitate him (or arrange for it) – we are going to follow up on leads to try to find the Twins”. Mr. Black asks if he can speak with Rubio in private, the party goes just outside the chamber and Tom casts Globe of Silence around the party.

Time passes. Eventually Mr. Black gets the party’s attention, and Tom drops the Silence.

Mr. Black: That was a very interesting conversation. If you are still intending to hunt down the Twins, it is my belief (through intense Dragon Magic) that the Twins are within the area of Scavia in a series of ruins.

As always, the party profusely thanks Mr. Black for his help, and promises to keep him apprised (as much as possible) on their progress. The three dragons help get the party back to the outskirts or Ishkarat, then they make their way to the East.
The party boards their air ship (does this thing have a name?) and heads to Throal (3 days) to visit the Great Library and gather information on Scavia. After that, they take the ship to Parlainth (3 days) to try to hire henchmen to help deal with (what they anticipate to be) construct guards near the Twin’s lair. They find out that their Espagra armor has about 2 weeks left and is progressing nicely.

A message is sent to Vaare to see if he has any ideas or items or spells that might help them. The party is surprised to hear that he DOES have a surprise for them – he has found a spell that just may be exactly what they are looking for. He asks where they are headed, and tells them that he can meet them in Scavia (for he dare not trust this spell to anyone but himself) in 10 days (which is just about the same time it will take the party to get from Parlainth to Scavia).


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