The Plot Thins and Thickens

Jan 30 2016 Game Session

Continuing the conversation with Chumana ….

“I have only seen Horrors in my dreams, never in person. Rubio came from the mountains near Scytha (northeast of Throal – Tom can confirm the stories of dragons living in that area). There is no reason to believe that Rubio was tainted – but the only thing that makes sense is that he was ‘altered’ in some way when he last visited me.”

The party decides to go to the Scytha mountains. Chumana can transport them there, but not until she rests. They leave the next day and arrive at the mountains two days later. Upon arrival, they see lots of snow covered mountain tops and no clear area to land until just about the last second. They find a cave a short distance away and … gee, maybe we should tell someone that we’re here? Chumana lets out a serious of musical tones into the cave, and a response can be heard after about 10 seconds.

“We’re not expected, but it’s okay to enter” says Chumana.

They enter the cave, which is very dark and has slimy walls. They seem to travel for 10 to 15 minutes, with Chumana sounding a few times along the way. In the distance, they can see some flickering lights, and as they get closer they realize that they are about to enter an area about the size of the SuperDome, with the walls lined with acres and acres of gems (reflecting and generating light). Betsey succeeds in controlling her urges to go swimming.

A HUGE black dragon (twice the size of Chumana) flies towards the party and starts a ‘conversation’ with Chumana. After a few minutes, she/he/it turns to the party.

“Why?” spoken in a very dark, deep male voice.

Tom goes into an extensive story about the history of the party (with pictures and arrows and a paragraph on each picture), and continues with raising Chumana from the last fight and horror marks and ….

“Why you here?” interrupts the dragon.

Betsey realizes that she has an empty slot in Speak Languages, so she attempts to learn the dragon’s language (she needs to roll a 10 and gets a 32!!)

“Why have you come here?”

Cliff notes version of Chumana’s story, looking for Rubio family, the Egg, horrors, etc. They ask Chumana to give permission to Mr Black to look at her astrally, and she does.

“Oh My…”

The party then gives permission for Mr Black to look at all of them, and grants them the same. His pattern is as close to perfect as anyone has ever seen.

Mr Black: How can I help?

Party: Is Rubio still alive?

Mr Black: No. He died about 15 months ago (timeline matches) defending his family from a Horror or Construct (we couldn’t tell which).

Party: Chumana, which dragon did you try to find when Rubio left?

Chumana points at a random in the distance.

Mr Black: That dragon would not have known about Rubio’s death at the time. It was kept quiet for months to protect the family in case another Horror / Construct visited. And before you ask the question – ‘yes’, we did know of the meetings between Rubio and Chumana, and we were quite happy and the prospect of their future together.

Party: How could the Egg get affected?

Mr Black: Knowing only what you have told me and not having the Egg here to examine, the only logical answer is that Rubio must have been the source. He was a fairly quite and reserved young dragon, so if he acted any differently, that would only add evidence to him being in trouble or otherwise ‘affected’.

Party: Wonder if we can find out when / how / where Rubio got marked. They decide to ask Mr Black if he recognizes the syllables “ahk” and “mey”.

Mr Black: Yes, I know what those are. Do you really want to know?

Party: YES YES YES!!!

Mr Black: Aktuh and Maylota. Your lives are now in great danger. I cannot allow you to bring those Two into this cave, but maybe there is something I can do to help. I can cast a spell to allow you to train at an accelerated rate (can increase four items per day) and I can allow you to stay here for three or four days. I suspect that knowing what you know now, you won’t have to search The Two out – they’ll find you.

Legend Points given to the party (huzzah!) and spending begins. You should now have 102,400 total LP.


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