Saved by the E. L. Fudge

September 30th, 2017 Game Session

The party continues to explore the underground area. There isn’t anything particularly interesting except for the area being dryer than expected. A turn here, a twist there, why are we down here again … and then a support column that seems oddly placed. Betsey uses Evidence Analysis:
“What is the column’s purpose?” {It provides access to release a trap.}
“How is the trap related to the blast door?” {It is not related at all.}

Betsey searches (20) the column and easily finds a 2 inch square pressure plate in the column. She attempts to disarm it (8) but instead accidentally presses it – which opens a secret door in an adjacent wall. A quick glance past the door shows a unique creature – it’s about 7 feet tall, has features of both an orc and a troll — and has numerous worms coming out of its head.

Round 1: The wormskull weaves a thread and attempts to Terrorize Mike, but fails. Betsey casts Dampen Karma, Tom casts Shield Mist. Sabrina blasts it with a Flame Arrow. Maria casts Combat Fury on Kevin (who misses), and Mike swings and thinks he hits, but the wormskull avoids the blow.
Round 2: The wormskull weaves again and tries to attack Mike but misses. Mike whacks, Kevin whacks, Tom blasts with an Astral Sphere, and Sabrina fires again  one dead wormskull.

They decide to camp for the night back near the portal room. After the rest, the continue exploring, finding a large cross-like intersection. They turn right, and find the first clear door in the entire dungeon. Betsey look for a trap, finds it, and removes it. She cracks the door open and sees another wormskull, so she carefully and quietly closes the door. The group takes the opportunity to cast some spells to prepare for another battle.

Round 1: The wormskull also prepared some spells, and hits Mike with a Bone Shatter for 2 wounds. Betsey whacks and hits hard, but most of the damage is shifted to Mike. Sabrina sticks it with an arrow, it attempts to pass the love on to Kevin but fails. Mike hits the wormskull but Kevin takes most of the damage. Kevin hits, Maria tries a spell but fails. Tom fires an Astral Sphere, only to receive half of the damage back.
Round 2: Tom throws the Sphere again and gets half the damage back. The wormskull casts Dispel Magic, dropping Tom’s Shield Mist and Mike’s Combat Fury; then it hits Kevin and takes a recovery test. Mike smacks the wormskull, but gets some of the damage back.
Round 3: The wormskull dispels Betsey’s Monstrous Mantle, hits Kevin, takes a recovery test, and then blasts Mike with a Skin Shift (14 damage and 2 wounds). Tom drinks a healing potion, and Mike takes out some anger.
Round 4: The wormskull tries to put Sabrina in Pain but fails, then scratches Kevin. Maria finishes weaving her spell, Kevin hits hard (and only gets 9 shifted back), Sabrina hits with an arrow and Mike gets a decent hit.
Round 5: ELF Cookies Opened! The wormskull catches Sabrina with a Bone Shatter but doesn’t cause any other damage. Maria casts Spell Cage (-5 steps to spellcast and weave) and Kevin smacks it hard, and damage shift fails – the tide of battle might be turning!
Round 6: The wormskull takes a recovery test and scratches Kevin. Kevin hits it and gets half the damage back. Mike scratches it, Tom blasts an Astral Sphere (damage shift fails!) and Betsey scratches it.
Round 7: Kevin makes a desperate swing – which hits – and the damage shift fails! VICTORY!

After much resting, potions, and heated foot (I mean food), they continue wandering around, they notice an odd bend in the passages and scratch marks in the floor. Evidence Analysis clearly indicates that the scratches are from dragon’s claws – and then they see it. It is chained to the wall and obviously has been skin shifted dozens of times.

“My name is Tapywa. I do not know how long I’ve been down here. The skulls have drained me of most of my will to live. If you are looking for the Book of Merrox, I have good news and bad news for you – I don’t have the Book, but I do know where certain pages are which will probably be of most use to you. I removed them from the Book before the Twins took it away from me. Find the column and press the trigger past the initial stop. My only request is that you find a way to let me know when you’ve destroyed The Twins.”

Side notes – Tapywa is NOT Chumanna’s mate.

The party leaves a piece of message chalk behind, heads back to the portal room, escapes out of the building in the War Zone, and arrives back in Haven – with knowledge and papers in tow (along with a large amount of Legend Points).


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