Nobody Does Silence Like Us!

July 29, 2017 Game Session

At approximately 10:30 am, BNB are introduced to the War Zone. They are not amused. They walk along the edge of the wall (on War Zone side) approaching the rubble south of the middle bridge, keeping eyes and ears pealed. Kevin realizes that they are walking through two to three inches of poison ivy, and ivy gets thicker (up to about 6 inches) as you look towards the ravine.

At approximately 11:15 am, the party is now 200 yards south of the rubble. They see many “armies” of strawmen and falsemen (mostly) engaged in a melee. There doesn’t seem to be any leadership or way to determine one “side” from another “side” in the fighting. Mike uses Call of Harrow to get some information on the strawmen, giving him some statistical information (Phys Def roughly 7 and no Phys Armor – and they appear to be highly susceptible to fire. Kevin starts preparing cloth (by tearing into strips) in case he wants to make a big fire. They continue around the rubble towards the middle bridge.

At approximately 11:45, a piercing scream comes out of nowhere from the Fountain. Luckily for the party, it’s not powerful enough to affect anyone. The party is now 150 yards from the bridge. Sabrina (flying at 40 feet) can’t tell much about what the bridge can support, but she does notice that a few falsemen seem to have stopped their combat and are “pointing” towards the party. They pick up their pace towards the bridge. Kevin gets grabbed by a very strong vine, but he breaks free of it. With three feet of vine stick stuck to his boot, Kevin lights it on fire. Noxious fumes emit from the vine – Kevin fails his Wilpower check, starts to get nauseous, then fails a Dexterity check, trips on another vine, and is now face first and vomiting in a pile of ivy. The area around the attached vine sparks briefly, but does not catch on fire. Betsey and Mike hack away (somewhat carefully) at the vines surrounding Kevin, and he’s able to get back up.

They arrive at the bridge around noon. The bridge is ten feet wide and made of wood, but not ‘normal’ wood – it’s difficult to tell if the wood is petrified or just ‘altered’ (location location location). With the two windlings flying over the bridge providing scouting reports, Mike crosses the bridge rather easily (two Dexterity checks of 7 or better). Maria follows (also rather easily), and then Betsey. She gets halfway across, and then is caught by the bridge swaying, throwing her to the deck. Tom summons a spirit who acts like a ‘pillow’ for Betsey to walk on. Slower going, but she makes it to the north side. Kevin (last one to cross) sprays a flask of oil ten to fifteen yards away from him and the bridge to prepare for a wall of fire if needed.

Kevin begins his trek across the bridge, but it is very difficult due to his weight (otherwise known as he can’t make a Dexterity check at all). Tom summons another spirit (27!) and it literally picks Kevin off the bridge by an inch – Kevin is able to grab the side ropes and pull himself to the middle. Kevin then calls up to Sabrina (now 50 feet up directly over Kevin’s head) to throw a Flame Arrow at the oil (since there are now about 15 falsemen getting close to that side of the bridge).

FWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!! (Step 22 four times: 17, 34, 17, 23)  91 points of fire damage to the area! It’s like a giant mushroom cloud has just incinerated the area (and when Kevin comes up with the absolutely brilliant title for this session). There is now a 200 by 300 yard area at the south side of the bridge which is completely scorched and devoid of vines.

The party now has three rounds to prepare for an onslaught of about 100 strawmen / falsemen on the other side of the ravine. Betsey and Maria begin to re-attune, and the group starts moving due north toward The Vaults wall (to use it as a defensive barrier). It becomes obvious that one set of falsemen have a “leader” who is guiding their movement (it’s also the only one holding an obvious weapon). Sabrina tries another Flame Arrow (27 to hit, 26 damage) at one group (Step 19 three times: 39, 10, 38)  87 points of fire damage to the area! Another 100 by 100 yard area is scorched, and an entire squad of falsemen are obliterated!

The second squad continues their pursuit, causing the party to circle around the north edge of a pile of rubble (there is about 250 yards between the two groups with the rubble in between). Sabrina throws another Flame Arrow (24 to hit, 39 damage) at the falsemen (Step 19 four times: 8, 15, 10, 13)  46 points of fire damage. Not nearly as large a blast as the other two, but definitely enough to destroy the second squad!

At approximately 1:00, the party climbs on top of the rubble to rest and see if they can find a way “inside” (to get away from battle and to see if they can find an entrance to the catacombs). After searching the ground level for about 15 minutes, Tom picks up a shiny reflection from his Sunstone. Betsey proceeds down a narrow passageway, enhancing her Perception with See The Unseen. She is delighted to see a large pile of silver coins in an open area. She starts looking for traps amongst the coins, and a steel golem (Red) sits up from inside the coins – as well as three others (Yellow, Black, White) from the opposite side of the area.

Round 1: Sabrina pings Yellow with an arrow, Mike gets scratched.
Round 2: Mike gets scratched, Kevin wounds White, Tom gets armor defeating hit on White with Astral Sphere, Sabrina gets armor defeating hit on Yellow with an arrow (ouch).
Round 3: Kevin destroys White, Yellow uses Fire Heal and then gets plunked by Tom (42!). Maria casts Doom Missle (45!!!) against Black – it doesn’t know it yet, but it’s not going to survive.
Round 4: Sabrina puts a toothpick through Yellow’s head, Black is blasted by the Dooooooooom Missle.
Round 5: Maria causes another 26 to Black, then Tom disintegrates it with an armor defeating 56 points of damage from an Astral Sphere.
Round 6: Maria gets bored of the combat, casts Razor Orb, and causes a bazillion points of damage to White.


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