Hi Ho, Hi Ho – Into the Kaer We Go

November 27, 2014 Game Notes

The party wakes up with one more day’s travel left to go. As they pack up to get ready to break camp, Chumanna hits them with a message to head north by northeast toward the Skol Mountains. “As you get close to the entrance, you should see a statue that’s about 5 feet tall. The entrance is hidden in one of the walls near the statue.”

The party arrives at the statue and begins looking around. The statue is a female elf, and Maria’s 33 Astral Sight indicates that there’s more to this statue, but she’s not exactly sure what it is. Is the statue alive? Maria tries Evidence Analysis:
“What was done to turn you into a statue?”
– Others used many spells and blood magic.
“What is the statue’s purpose?”
- To guard the entrance.

Mike knocks on the statue’s forehead, but nothing happens. Kevin starts searching for a ‘door’ in the mountain, and Betsey tries her own Evidence Analysis:
“How would one find the entrance?”
- Search the wall closest to the statue.
“How would one safely get through the entrance?”
- Open the entrance and watch for falling rocks.
“How long have you been a statue?”
- Over 500 years.

Sabrina randomly says “What’s so special about this entrance?” and the statue says “I’m glad you asked!” and begins to step off her pedestal. “You don’t know about Kaer Volok?”

After a series of questions and answers from the statue (none of which were very satisfying to the party), they decide to give Maria one more Evidence Analysis on the door itself (but fails with a 13). Kevin sends message to Vaare and ChuChu to see if they know anything about the Kaer (no answers from either). Maria tries Evidence Analysis again (rolls 27):

“What does this door protect?”
- Kaer Volok.
“How many entrances are there to the Kaer?”
- One.

Mike finally runs out of patience and swings at the statue, destroying it in one shot. Then it reforms, with a partner! While fighting the two new statues, Betsey picks the lock and opens the kaer door, which destroys the statues.

Sabrina’s new war cry: “Fear me and my 19 inches!!!!”

They go through the door to find a very (1 yard wide) narrow corridor with another door about 15 feet away. Betsey (eventually) picks that lock (and dodges away from the falling boulders). They slowly work down the corridor to find two more statues, which turns into four once Mike / Nate “destroy” the first two. They back out of the corridor, Mike goes in to lasso the first, they collectively drag it outside, then Sabrina fails Stick Together and Betsey fails Stop Right There.

Nate crushes the statue, and Sabrina tries Stick Together on the remains, but two statues are now formed blocking the entrance. Soon after, there are now four statues blocking the entrance (and the three inside are probably still there). They are getting very annoyed with this situation (and luckily Mike is making all his Parry rolls, otherwise he’d be hurting right now). Sabrina re-attunes to Dispel Elementalism and waits for next round. Maria and Sabrina try to Dispel but have no luck (twice) – third time is a charm for Sabrina! Maria dispelled two (29) with one cast! Betsey uses lightning mace (twice) and fourth one goes! Sabrina re-attunes to lightning bolt, anticipating that the three inside are still there. They are there, Sabrina hits them HARD with the lightning bolt and they go away!!!


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