Hell Hath No Fury Like a Female Dragon Scorned

December 23rd, 2017 Game Session

While debating Babs’ question, Tom, Maria, and Mike decide to spend some time training. Eventually the group decides that their answer to Babs will be “no”. Kevin sends a message to Chumanna:

Kevin – We just saw Rubio. He’s alive. He says your last meeting was at White Rock Point. Is this true?
{Insert dramatic pause here.}
Chumanna – How did you know about that place?
Kevin – We just met a dragon who claims to be Rubio.
Chumanna – Impossible. He’s dead. I saw him die.
Kevin – Can you get to Ishkarat by tomorrow? He’s coming back.
Chumanna – I will be there first thing in the morning.

Betsey messages Mr. Black:

Betsey – We need your help. Dragon named Rubio is around Ishkarat. Chumanna is coming too.
MB – I find that highly unlikely. We all saw him die 18 months ago.
Betsey – He mentioned a place that only Chumanna would know, and she confirmed it.
MB – Where are you?
Betsey – Ishkarat.
MB – When is Chumanna arriving? I can’t get there any faster than about five days. What are your plans?
Betsey – Hoping not to die. We have a ritual that will help fight the Twins, but we think we have to go through Babs first.
MB – Do you want me to get there as soon as possible?
Betsey – Yes please, your presence would be greatly appreciated. We will check in tomorrow afternoon if we’re not already dead.

Last thing for the day – find Ishkarat mayor  tell her the whole story. The city needs to be locked down TIGHT at 9 tomorrow morning; hid everybody, be ready for mass destruction. We’re sorry and we’ll do our best!

Rested and “ready”, leave city at 9 (doors locked behind them). Chumanna arrives at the meeting spot at 10:30. Lots of long-term preparatory spells are cast. At 11:55, Kevin’s falcon spots a dragon in the distance. Rubio and Babs land about 40 yards away. Chumanna looks at Rubio and says “it looks like him but I’m not convinced”.

Babs: “So – what is your answer?”
Tom: “We need to verify your offer, and confirm that is indeed Rubio.”
Babs: “I see. Rubio, would you walk forward please?”

The two groups are now a mere 10 yards apart. The tension is rising quickly. The two dragons have a brief ‘private’ conversation in Dragonese. Chumaana looks PISSED.

Tom: “We have papers for you. I am delivering them (riding on Mike’s shoulders).”
Babs: “Does that mean your answer is ‘Yes’?”
Tom: “Of course my answer is yes. GO!!!!!!”

And all hell breaks loose.

Round 1: Tom weaves; Mike clicks Combat Fury, then hits Babs armor defeating for 37; Betsey swings but misses; Maria casts Combat Fury on Kevin, who then Great Leaps and swings at Babs but she avoids; Sabrina tries True Shot, then uses Flame Arrow to cause 17 damage on Babs.

Round 2: Sabrina uses True Shot again, Babs’ armor sucks up all the damage; Babs tags Mike with a Mind Dagger for 10 damage, then a Tornado spell to blast Kevin/Mike/Betsey for 35 each, then takes a recovery test; Tom weaves; Kevin swings and misses; Maria weaves; Mike moves; Betsey hits Babs with Karma Dampen.

Round 3: Tom casts Control Being (29) at Babs, severely hampering her efforts, so she tells Rubio to eat Tom; Betsey responds by telling Chumanna to obliterate Rubio! Rubio jumps and lands on Tom. Tom is unhappy, squished like a pancake, and pinned. Betsey throws a spell at Rubio for minor damage; Kevin Great Leaps in, is deflected away by the Tornado, then moves to Rubio instead. Sabrina summons an air elemental who will attempt to slow / disperse the Tornado; Mike attempts to break free of the Tornado but can’t; Maria continues weaving. Chumanna (at Betsey’s suggestion) Taunts Rubio (29) and he is now shaking.

Round 4: Rubio attempts to bite Tom, misses, and Tom is no longer pinned. Maria tries a spell but it fails; Babs fails breaking out of Tom’s spell; Betsey weaves; Tornado appears to be slightly weaker; Sabrina fires and hits Rubio; Chumanna tries to run Rubio over but bounces; Kevin scoops up Tom and Great Leaps away so he can give Tom a healing potion; Mike activates Horror Fend; Tom drinks a second potion.

Round 5: Babs fails to break Control again; Maria weaves; Kevin Great Leaps to Rubio and smacks him hard; Tom tells Babs to move forward to Mike, sit down in front of him with hands on head; Tornado pushes Mike around; Chumanna breathes fire at Rubio but doesn’t hit him; Sabrina re-attunes Dispel Elemental Magic; Tornado weakened a little more; Betsey casts Phantom Fireball at Babs; Mike moves to Rubio; Rubio swipes at Kevin but misses.

Round 6: Kevin swings at Rubio but misses; Sabrina tries to dispel the Tornado but fails (but is weakened even more); Mike hits Rubio (who is starting to show some wear); Babs tries to break Control again but fails; Rubio swings at Kevin but misses; Tom tells Babs to lay down; Maria weaves; Chumanna slaps Rubio twice; Betsey bounces off of the Tornado.

Round 7: Chumanna tries to break out of the Tornado, succeeds, and claws Babs; Tornado continues to weaken; Maria casts Karma Cancel on Babs; Babs still can’t break Control but heals herself; Tom hits Babs with an Astral Sphere but causes no damage; Rubio smacks Mike for 38; Betsey casts True Ephemeral at Babs for minor damage.

Round 8: Chumanna SLAMS Babs; Kevin Great Leaps onto Rubio for a HUGE hit – Rubio is dead!!!! Betsey tries True Ephemeral again but causes no damage; Babs asks to surrender but the party ignores her; Maria weaves; Mike gets a great hit on Babs and knocks her unconscious; Tom gets the final blow. BABS IS DEAD!!!


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